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Get to know your Home Inspector... is a privately-held independent home inspection company located in Maysville, Georgia: 30 miles northeast of Atlanta, and 20 miles north of Athens. We are a Christian-dedicated, family-oriented company dedicated to treating others as well as we would have others treat us.  All inspections are performed by David Williams, who has an extensive background in residential and light commercial construction; in real estate sales and appraisal; and as an electrical and HVAC service technician and installer. David Williams has been performing home inspections since 1989, when he was also a state-certified residential and commercial Real Estate Appraiser in the state of Georgia. He has owned small handyman/home and business repair service companies in deKalb County in the 1980's and in Walton County in the 2005-2018 period. He is now accredited as a Certified Professional Inspector (#18092410) by InterNACHI, the world's largest Home Inspector certification authority. David Williams is also a FAA-licensed UAV (drone) pilot, in order to perform aerial inspections of roofs, land, towers, etc.

Building Quality Control Company is the parent company of Building Quality Control Company has  a mailing address of P.O. Box 22, Maysville, GA 30558.

David Williams, independent home inspector, NACHI certified, NACHI 18092410

David Williams, independent home inspector, NACHI certified, NACHI 18092410


nachi's buyback program

The One-of-a-Kind Offer

A few years ago, NACHI's founder and chief bottle-washer Nick Gromicko came up with the brilliant(?) idea of offering to buy back homes from anyone who felt that they had been short-changed by one of NACHI's home inspectors during the home inspection process. Mr. Gromicko still gets a lot of derision and name-calling for his Home Buyback Program from within the organization- but fundamentally the idea has been wildly successful. There have been very few home buybacks BECAUSE NACHI inspectors are driven to report every material defect that should be reported.

Simply put: If one of NACHI's home inspectors misses any material defect that he or she should have included in the report, and the homebuyer discovers the defect within 90 days after the home's closing, NACHI will purchase the home at the SAME PRICE THE BUYER PAID FOR THE HOME.

There are certain stipulations, including that the home had to be listed for sale by a real estate agent; and the home had to be registered in the Home Buyback Program by the NACHI home inspector within 30 days after the date of inspection.